Meet our members.

J. Scott McArthur
Scott started Sonix in 1977 but his love of presentation technologies can be traced to his 4th grade elementary school training as a film strip projector operator.  He started building audio amplifiers from components while in his early teens, and continued until he built a complete sound system from components before 1977.  Then Sonix was formed to deal with the income that the sound system, and plenty of hard physical labor moving it, generated.

Andrew Zucchino – founding member Sonix Pro Audio, LLC
Andrew was dissatisfied by the sound he experienced during social events, so Andrew simply decided to make his own sound system and help musicians enjoy a better sound experience.  He was discovered by Scott through chance and we are all greatfull for the introduction.  His young age brings a new perspective to our group.  And his self motivated desire to help get the music across to the listener is a founding ethos of our company.

Mark McArthur – Logistics manager since 1977
Mark knows live sound production and logistics.   He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and he helped produce some great music concerts for the students while there.  Mark has been moving and operating audio gear since before Sonix first existed.  He has toured the world many times and has worked in some small and some very large venues.    Always early, always ready.  Mark is the best logistics manager I have ever worked with.  Local, national, or international, Mark has the experience and the contacts to make any show possible. JSM (biased brother)

Erik Damtoft – Presentation technology specialist
Erik joined Sonix in early 2005 as a sound operator and field service technician.  He has been an integral part of our family ever since.  Erik has knowledge of presentation system, networking, audio and video equipment interface, and so much more.  But the best part about Erik is that he is simply willing to help with anything that is asked of him.  His broad base of knowledge and superior willingness to help has been rewarded by countless thank you notes from our clients.